How To Post Multiple Photos On Instagram?

How To Post Multiple Photos On Instagram?

It’s no longer a pain to add one photo at a time to Instagram. You can now add up to ten photos and videos simultaneously.

Don’t worry about giving too many photos to your followers, though. It reminds me of a Story. One post is made from a group of uploads. The first picture is shown in your feed, and blue dots at the bottom of the picture tell your followers that they can swipe to see more pictures.

It’s Effortless To Add Multiple Pictures And Videos:

  1. Press the plus sign at the bottom of the home screen.
  2. Tap the image you want to add first.
  3. “Select multiple” icon in the image’s lower right corner.
  4. Tap the images you want to add, and if you want to remove one, tap it again. If you don’t like how your pictures, tap and hold on to the one you want to move, then drag it to where you want it.
  5. Edit your photos as usual by tapping Next at the top of the screen. You can change each image separately or apply the same filter to all of them at once. If you want all the photos to have the same filter, tap on the filter you wish to without choosing an image. If you’re going to change one picture at a time, tap on it, make your changes, and then tap Done. Rinse and do it again.
  6. When you making changes, tap next and add a caption. Your photos will only have one caption, which is too bad.
  7. When you’re complete, tap Share.

In the upper right corner of a photo on your profile grid, your followers will see an icon that lets them know its part of a post with more than one photo. They need to tap and swipe on the picture to see more.

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